Bruno Generators Group (BGG) are recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of high specification rental diesel powered generators. Ranging from 6.5 KVA to 2000 KVA prime power, with a full range of super silent canopies and containers. The new 20ft "WHISPER BOX" containers boast noise levels on a 1000 KVA unit as low as 73db @ 1m. The 1250 KVA prime power Cummins unit is metered at 75db @ 1m. In the 20ft "WHISPER BOX" a 500 KVA prime power unit is metered at a staggering 59db @ 1m at 70% load.In the mid range Bruno utilize a clever variable speed fan system to slow the air flow through the canopy, giving a highly cost effective solution with a variable noise level depending on load. This facility is available in the range from 100 to 250 KVA prime power. From 300 KVA to 800 KVA the air is double ducted to give some of the lowest noise rental canopies available on the market. The GX331C Cummins powered 300 KVA prime power is available in a slim canopy of just 130cm. This enables 4 units to be transported on a standard truck, reducing expensive site delivery costs.